Shopaholic …with Cynthia Morgan

Do you see shopping as fun? For me, shopping is fun. It is even a bad habit. I think fashion is fun and I can go a day shopping without eating as far as I am getting new clothes. How often do you shop? Like I said, it is quite a bad habit and I...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

How often do you shop? Normally I shop once a month. Often-times when I shop, I do not buy a lot of things. In fact, I could go to the mall just to pick only an item. Even though it is just one item, it has to be unique and something that I love. When...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Gloria Maduka

Do you see shopping as fun? I see shopping more as an obligation than fun and I know that is very weird for a woman to say. If you go shopping, it means you have to try on different clothes and I don’t really have that time. It is too time- consuming and I would...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Seyi Hunter

How often do you shop? Because of the kind of job I do, I would say that I shop almost on a monthly basis. I can’t be repeating clothes. Do you see shopping as fun? It is fun. At times, I shop when I want to reduce stress. It is fun entering a boutique and...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Yetunde Bakare

How often do you shop? I shop very often, at least once in a week. I have to go to locations and I cannot repeat my clothes so I have to shop virtually every week. Do you prefer shopping alone or you prefer going with friends? Most times, I like going with friends because it...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Stephanie Chijioke

How often do you shop? I shop every two months or when I feel I need new stuffs in my closet. Would you rather shop abroad or in Nigeria? It depends on where I see what I like. I’ve a friend that sells good stuffs in Port Harcourt where I am based and I buy...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Asa Oge

How often do you shop? My shopping pattern is impulsive. I haven’t shopped that much since I got back to Nigeria but I shop a lot outside the country. I usually plan an outfit for an event ahead for days and would shop for accessories so that I would have different options. I always have...  [Read More...]

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Shopaholic …with Ijeoma Grace-Agu

How often do you go shopping? Not very often I’m afraid. I rarely plan shopping; it just happens that I see what I like and if I can afford it at that particular point in time, I purchase it. What do you look out for while shopping? I look out for quality, uniqueness and most...  [Read More...]

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You thought girls love to shop? — Delhi guys beat girls to online shopaholic ... - Times of India

You thought girls love to shop? — Delhi guys beat girls to online shopaholic ...
Times of India
Everyone knows women love to splurge the minute they hit the mall, but according to a recent survey, it's their male counterparts who take the crown when it comes to online shopping. Go on the internet and there's no dearth of jokes about how wives can ...

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Shopaholic …with Falz Bahd Guy

How often do you shop? I shop whenever I feel I need new clothes in my wardrobe. I normally shop as often as I can, I would say I shop quarterly. Where do you prefer shopping, Nigeria or abroad? I prefer shopping abroad, I always find more stuff that suit my dress sense. What do...  [Read More...]

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